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Image by Aditya Saxena

Wholehearted Women

A 60-day Journey to:

✅ Bust stress + anxiety for good.

✅ Transform your body image.

✅ Reignite your love life inside out.

✅ Balance your masculinity and femininity. 

✅ Stop struggling, start flowing.

It's time to become the woman that you've always dreamt of being, Unapologetic and Wholehearted YOU!

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

I hear you.

Do you feel tired of being stuck in a constant cycle of STRUGGLE, where you feel like success requires putting your wellbeing and relationship in the back seats?

Do you want to say “Enough!” to all the negative voices within your head: self doubt, inner critic, procrastination, fears and anxiety?

Do you feel depleted trying to be everything for everyone and meeting a myriad of standards on “how a woman should be, look, or act” ?

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, deep within, you still feel “not enough”?

Maybe you’re actually pretty good, but feel like something is missing and you’re not sure what?

If you said YES to any of the above, you are not alone. You are NOT broken. You just need a guide to show you the new way.  

Hi, I’m Daisy. 

I specialise in guiding high achieving women to unlock success without sacrificing their health and relationship. I am an International Best Selling Author and Master Wellbeing & Relationship Coach in the complementary health and consciousness industry.

​Since beginning my journey 8+ years ago, I have facilitated radical liberation for women to break them free from living stuck, stressful and unfulfilling lives and relationships. As a result, they became the happiest women redefining beauty and success for them and are passionate about the life they are creating. They are radiant in great health and extraordinary relationships, not to mention the love they have for themselves.


Regardless of what you’ve been through in your past and what’s still showing up in your present. 


The moment you decide it's Your Time to Change.

From one woman to another

Tina Safarian.JPG

Tina Safarian

Head Of Corporate Sales, Hunter Motive Group

I first went to see Daisy because I knew there was more: more to life, more to me. From the first phone consultation with Daisy, I felt so understood. Working together with Daisy uncovered many blocks and limiting beliefs in which I thought had been resolved. Daisy holds up a mirror and walks alongside you through it all. The benefits of releasing these are beyond describable, living life true to yourself and getting out of your own way is magical and impacts your life as a whole in a positive way. In the last 6 months, I have seen great results in myself, my relationships and career. Communication and Freedom have been a stand out for me, by expressing myself authentically.


What Daisy did for me was magical beyond words. I couldn't recommend Daisy more! She is an Angel, there is always a surprise element and it's so rewarding - after each session is liberation!

The truth is more than 8 years ago I was struggling too. 

I used to sneer and thought it's "woo woo" BS when I heard some people saying ``Having it all?  with EASE??” 

For me, life was a constant race and never-ending battle. It built in my epigenetics from thousand years of war and women oppression in Vietnam. As a former corporate professional and an entrepreneur, I learned the weight of physical, mental and emotional pressure required to achieve great success

Everything looks picture perfect from the outside, but I used to attract unhealthy relationships and struggle with bulimia, anxiety and insomnia everyday.


Regardless of how hard I worked and how much I gave to others, I didn’t feel good enough. Always do more, look skinnier, try harder. 

It wasn’t until my health and relationship breakdown that I decided to pause and turn my life 180 degrees. 


It's all started with a choice

Wellbeing became my new lifestyle. I got out of a toxic relationship and today, building a family with the most amazing man on this earth. I fully recovered my health without any prescription medication (bye bye anxiety) I am now so happy within my own skin (and dropped 9 kg without diet or vigorous exercise). I wake up feeling elevated everyday and empowered to lead with purpose.


Since then, I’ve been sharing my stories, knowledge and wisdom with women around the world. 

My heart lit up seeing each and every single of them grow and glow their whole heart.

And I realise how powerful it is when us women come together free from judgement and comparison

That we get to heal, share and start our own new beginnings together. 

And we get to liberate ourselves with joy using a proven method rooted in psychotherapy, Chinese medicine, mind-body coaching and advanced healing.

Wholehearted Women is your pathway to get there

60 days self-first and self-love journey. 
Each week, we meet online in real time

You will receive wholehearted support from me, I got you.

You will grow with a safe and intimate group of 
like-minded women who are hand-picked by me.

You will shift your perception of yourself and the world

You will let go of any limitations holding you
back in your mind, body and spirit.

Kiss good-bye to the outdated “no pain-no gain” mindset.
integrating your masculinity with femininity

You’ll shine as a Wholehearted Woman.


I will guide you step by step to design your life in order to have it all: vibrant health, a thriving career, a passionate relationship, and a loving family.

Not by working harder but by leading smarter

Not by pushing harder but by being in flow

Not by doing more but by taking only aligned actions.


What Our Clients Say

Joy Chou.jpg

Joy Chou

CEO, Joy’s Collection

Daisy has excellent counselling skills she asked the right questions from the start as a result this helped establish where we should focus and work on immediately. She is a highly intuitive therapist and healer.


Her reassuring and gentle guidance assisted a smooth yet profound process I could not have imagined. Daisy took me to the gates of realisation hence the transformation for me was instant.


After the sessions, I felt so relieved and reassured of my inner strength and it gave me the reasons to speak up and never suppress thoughts and emotions again.

YES! You can HAVE IT ALL ladies.

  • Resilient health where you wake up feeling free, excited and energised to do what you love with people you love. 

  • A passionate and loving relationship, where you feel deeply loved, supported, and cherished. You feel truly lovable like never before and you receive deep love and intimacy from your partner, a best friend and soulmate. 

  • An unshakable confidence, you feel beautiful in your own skin while managing weight easily. You honour your body and shine your radiance. 

  • Freedom to speak your truth in all relationships and share your wisdom in meetings. You receive appreciation and recognition everywhere you go. 

  • Exponential growth of income, influence, and enjoyment in all areas of life. 

  • Becoming an inspiration to the younger generations (including your children) on what is possible when a woman steps into her power. 

Co-create life on your own terms and have it all with EASE & JOY: a Wholehearted Woman!

What you will receive:

8x Weekly Live Coaching sessions with Daisy

Every week you will receive 90 minutes of group coaching calls where we will focus on healing and transformation to shift you from your current reality to the life you envisioned. You will receive close proximity support from me to resolve obstacles, letting go of fear and limiting beliefs so you can fully thrive as a Wholehearted Woman. 

Private Group Communication + Support

There will be a private FB Group and WhatsApp group so you can receive both intimate support from me and your fellow Wholehearted Women. When one women rise, all of us rise. 

Celebrations + Your Wholehearted Wedding

We will come together and witness each individual Wholehearted Wedding- Committed to myself ceremony. This is the most favourite experience voted by my past clients where they honour their love and commitment to themselves.   

Wholehearted Women Practical Workbook

Each week, you will also get access to a practical workbook that is full of wisdom, inspirations, journalling prompts, guidance and exercise to help you dive deep into the topic of the week and achieve optimal healing results.

Bonus Health+ Wellness+ Relationship Resources

You will also have access to my Resources Vault that includes bonus materials, meditation and resources so you can have extra support in certain topics. 

Recordings of the training

You'll receive both audio and video records of the coaching calls so you can review at your own time. 

In 60 days everything will be different...

Image by Jonnelle Yankovich

Week 1: Clarity

Destress + Get crystal clear on what you want. You will shift from from Impossible to starting to believe that I'M possible.

If you are ready to radically let go of limitations

and joyfully thriving in life, where you have it all 


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