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Meet Daisy

As a former corporate professional and an entrepreneur,

I know exactly the amount of physical, mental and emotional pressure required to achieve great success. This motivated me to find out a new way to unlock success with holistic health.

If you ever read my book Sacred Rebel, you would know, I used to be a world class perfectionist and fighter: Life was a constant race and never-ending struggle for me. It built in my epigenetics from thousand years of war and women oppression in Vietnam. I grew up being bullied as “the fat one”, so I learned to work hard and achieve a lot in order to survive and feel valued. 


Hi, my name is Daisy Ramsden. I am an International best-selling author and Master Wellbeing Coach. 

I work with women all over the world and support them to unlock true success with ease and joy. My clients come to me because they are sick of temporary solutions to their health and relationship problems. The major problems I help my women solve is taking them from:

  • Body image to self-love

  • Stress and anxiety to happiness. 

  • Chronic pain and fatigue to feeling energised every day

  • Heartbreak and unfulfilling relationships with lack of intimacy to reigniting love and communication within their family.

Over the last 7+ years, I have facilitated radical liberation for hundreds of women worldwide.

They break free from living stuck, stressful and unfulfilling lives and relationships. As a result, they became the happiest women redefining success for them and are passionate about the life they are creating. They are in great health and extraordinary relationships, not to mention the love they have for themselves.

They are living breathing examples of how powerful women can be and knowing their purpose, living and leading from that place.


Everything looked picture perfect from the outside, but deep down...

I felt exhausted, anxious and stuck. The more I achieved the more I felt missing within, but I kept pushing on. 

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom both in my relationship and my health that I knew something needed to change. There must have been a better way to success, a way that didn’t sacrifice parts of me.

I did deep work of healing myself and exposed myself to natural medicine and it was then that I turned my whole life and relationship around. I got out of a toxic relationship and today, building a family with the most loving man on this earth. I fully recovered my health without any prescription medication (bye bye anxiety) and I am now so happy within my own skin. I wake up feeling elevated everyday and empowered to lead with purpose.

My educational background

I have a background in Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting. I have a Diploma of Kinesiology, Diploma of mind-body medicine, Advanced Leadership Coaching and practitioner certificates in Psychotherapy, EFT Tapping, Gestalt therapy, Family Therapy, Family Constellations, Energy & Consciousness Healing, Character Analysis, Trauma Release, Deep Tissue Body Work.


My holistic approach 

My work is the first of its kind using a holistic approach that integrates psychotherapy, mind-body coaching, Chinese medicine and advanced healing to achieve sustainable success. I work with women all over the world using both video call and in person therapy.


I am known for getting results in multiple areas to get maximum well-being and success for my clients. 

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